20 Dec

Halifax: 'Ensure your home insurance covers toddler-damage'

Halifax: 'Ensure your home insurance covers toddler-damage'

Britain's toddlers caused over £122 million worth of damage to their parents' properties in 2007, it has been revealed.

According to data from Halifax Home Insurance, the advent of the terrible twos often leads to a rise in low-level domestic accidents that in turn trigger home insurance claims.

The most common cause of damage is caused by spilling drinks, food or paint on floors and carpets, which accounted for 68 per cent of claims.

Meanwhile, the seemingly irresistible urge to scrawl on walls with crayons was cited by 65 per cent of parents.

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, said the findings underlined the importance of a comprehensive home insurance policy, especially for those families with young children.

"Toddlers are naturally inquisitive, full of energy and eager to explore the world around them, keeping up with them can be a full time job in itself. Raising children is expensive enough without having to find additional money to replace items that small children have accidentally damaged."

He added: "Parents can protect themselves from the costs of home repairs and damaged contents by ensuring their home insurance includes accidental damage cover."


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